Ministry of Design, the internationally acclaimed studio from Singapore, is responsible for the holistic strategy, branding, interior design, and art creation throughout VUE Hotel Houhai Beijing. A major adaptive-reuse exercise, the hotel comprises a series of quasi-historic buildings from the 1950s. Upon entering the hotel you will discover a series of landscaped gardens, a bakery café fronting the bustle of the hutongs, a signature restaurant in a warehouse, a rooftop bar overlooking the lake, a gym, and over 80 rooms and suites, several with private gardens or with views overlooking the park or lake.

The hotel compound comprises a series of buildings with a variety of architectural styles and approaches. Although designed primarily in the Chinese vernacular, the different buildings span a range of ornamentation from highly decorative roof eaves, characterful gargoyles, sculptured balconies and latticed window frames, to pared-back jack roofs and plain brickwork wall finishes. This diverse collection is brought together by color and landscaping.

All the buildings are conceptually draped in attractive shades of gray, echoing the palette of the surrounding hutongs, upon which key architectural details have been highlighted in a contemporary gold patina. As guests explore the compound, these details gradually brings into focus the subtle juxtaposition of the historical and the contemporary, highlighting the rich tension that arises from any adaptive reuse design.

Each VUE property is designed around a central narrative inspired by its locale or culture. For VUE Houhai Beijing, the narrative drew inspiration from the lake and its animal inhabitants. In our imaginings, the presence of VUE in the Houhai neighbourhood has a magical and whimsical transformative effect on the animal inhabitants. These friendly animals (foxes, rabbits, deer) are transformed from mere animals and in becoming more human-like, the animals begin to cultivate a sense of curiosity of the world around them and like “tourists”, begin to explore the attractions around the lake and around Beijing.

These art installations are dotted throughout the compound and are also found in each room. Other art installations, which parallel this narrative but focus more keenly on the theme of the “transcendence of Chinese culture,” can be found in other public spaces such as elevator lobbies and corridors.


“A place to celebrate the beauty and pleasure of life”

Breathtaking surroundings and unique design make VUE Hotel the ideal site for events of all shapes and sizes. Imagine a wedding ceremony against the backdrop of Houhai Lake, a sophisticated cocktail party under the stars or a fashion-driven event that will keep people talking for years. No matter how lavish your vision, everything from dedicated event planners to in-house entertainment makes the impossible possible at VUE Hotel.